Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
“As a reminder, SNAP applicants must complete the interview to obtain eligible benefits.”

35,000 SNAP interviews to be scheduled to process applications amid challenges in Tennessee

By Caleb Wethington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – The Tennessee Department of Human Services is continuing to address the challenges around processing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applications.

The department announced on Monday it will be scheduling 35,000 interviews this week to process pending applications.

“As we make continuous strides to develop innovative strategies to manage processing times for SNAP cases, our Family Assistance division at the Department of Human Services is taking proactive measures to address this issue. The department has scheduled 35,000 federally mandated interviews starting January 22nd through January 26th to expedite the processing of pending SNAP applications. As a reminder, SNAP applicants must complete the interview to obtain eligible benefits,” TDHS said.

The department also shared some tips for applicants preparing for these interviews:

If you’re awaiting a phone call, you can expect one from any of the following numbers: 866-311-4287, 615-984-0902, or 615-532-0762. Staffers will make at least two attempts to reach the applicant for the scheduled interview, TDHS said.

“At TDHS, we are dedicated to ensuring that our valued customers receive their needed benefits as timely as possible,” Commissioner Clarence H. Carter said.

“By scheduling 35,000 federally mandated interviews this week, we believe it will significantly enhance our efforts to streamline our SNAP processing times. In preparation of our efforts, we kindly ask that customers upload all required documents through the One DHS Customer portal prior to the interview. By doing this, cases could be completed during the interview process. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time, and we remain dedicated to make continuous improvements as we work to better serve our customers.”

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