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Daughters Of Zion CNPP Grantee Announces Princess Walker – Princess Wreath Designer As The DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur Of The Week- March 6 – March 12, 2022

Princess Walker

Princess Wreath Designer 


Years In Business: 24 years

Number of Employees: 1

Elevator Pitch: “Design to encourage others and let them know that they can do it too”

As part of our follow-up to the progress the Daughters of Zion CNPP grantee is making within Memphis, Shelby County, and beyond- we are highlighting their weekly Entrepreneur of the Week award. When asked why Princess Walker was selected as the entrepreneur of the week, Dr. Gerald Kiner, PhD declared, “ Princess Walker is a rose herself. Everything she touches is done with love. She is a business that matches her gifts and skill perfectly. She will never burn out because what she does is her calling and her passion. We all can learn from Princess Walker. “ 

Princess Walker answered several questions for the entrepreneur of the week.

Q: How did you come up with the name and how did you start your business?

A: Well, I just thought about my name and I knew it was a wreath, so I just said, Princess Wreath Designer, that’s how I came up with it. When I started my business it was like, I went into the store and I saw all the wreaths on the wall and I said, I can do that. So, what I did was,  I went back to the store and I got some of the items and I started making wreaths myself. I mean they came out and looked better than the ones that were in the store. And that’s how I got started.

Q: Have you designed anything before designing wreaths?

A: No, that was my first time ever designing something. And when I started doing it seemed like, you know, it just came. Came, came, came, came, and I’m still doing it now.

Q: Were you a wreath shopper yourself?

A: No, I’ve never been a wreath shopper. I just like to, you know, go in the store and look at them. They were so beautiful, and that’s when I said, I can do that myself. And so, that’s when I went back to the store and I got all the merchandise that, you know, that I see on the wreaths, so I just started making them myself.

Q. How did you hear about the DOZ CNPP Navigator Program? 

A: Through my pastor, Pastor Gerald Kiner. Ever since Day 1 I’ve been here. I’m not planning on missing it because it’s knowledge. It’s a lot of knowledge, it’s a lot of powerful knowledge, and you can’t find it everywhere. The pastor has the knowledge and he has the experience, and he is already a businessman because he’s been led and taught, so I can be led and taught by him. I can take notes from him and, you know, go further.

Q: How has the DOZ CNPP Navigator Program helped you?

A: It helped me a whole lot just simply the knowledge. It’s just knowledge. Something that you heard about, but it never, you know, nobody never really brought it to you. It was out there but nobody ever told you, well, you can, you know, you can receive a grant and you know, do this for your business, or do that…nobody never told you about it. So, if the pastor never would have brought it to us, I probably never would have known about it.

Q: What’s the greatest testimony that you’ve heard from somebody that’s used your services?

A. The greatest testimony is one lady told me it was beautiful, she said, “every time you make something it’s beautiful.” And she keeps coming back and coming back to me, and coming back to me. So, I believe that I’ve got her now as a client that’s going to keep coming back and keep coming back, and keep coming back.

Q: How did you come up with your pricing plan?

A: Pricing plan. Well, I go to God for everything, so I prayed about it and asked the Lord to give me a reasonable price. And that’s what He’s done, He gave me a reasonable price, because I don’t want to take, you know, I don’t want to take everything from somebody else. You know, I want to help people in advance, you know, as I get help, I want to help somebody else.

Q: Why should someone come to your business versus going to another store to get wreaths? What would you say to someone?

A: Well, someone should come to buy my wreaths, because they are beautiful. They are anointed, they’ve been prayed over. And they’re just going to, you know, when you see them they’re going to draw you to them. And, you’re going to just want to have to have one, because they are so beautiful and it’s going to catch your eye. I would encourage them that they’re not going to find my wreath anywhere else in nobody’s store right now. So, if they keep doing business with me, they’re going to keep coming back to me because I’m going to treat them nice. And after I treat them nice, and, you know, they’ll keep coming back to me. But if I am a snobby manager, the customers ain’t going to come back to me, they’re going to find somebody else to go to. So, you have to treat your customers nice so they’ll keep returning and returning and returning.

Q:  Tell me a little bit about your second business.

A: Oh, my flowers and gardening. I plant flowers in the springtime, I don’t do them in the fall time, but I plant them in the springtime, and they come out beautiful. Now the way I started this is, when I was young my daddy used to always put flowers all over the yard. I mean, the whole yard was nothing but flowers, flowers, flowers. And so, I just started doing it, I mean, I  didn’t think that I could do it, but I just started planting flowers and they just come out beautiful and great.

Q: What would be something that you would tell someone about joining the DOZ CNPP Navigator Program?

A: I would tell someone to come and join the CNPP Program, because you get knowledge. If you ever thought about doing a business, you can come and find out information on how to get a business done. If it’s something that’s been on your mind for a long time just come. Just come and get all the knowledge that you need, because it’s free. They are not charging anything. You need to come and get the knowledge. As a matter of fact, you can come this Saturday from 12 to 2, just two hours. Give two hours of your time and come to this program, and you’ll be glad you did.  So, just take two hours out of your time and come over to our church, Jesus People Church, 4400 Hickory Hill, and get your business started.

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