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Daughters Of Zion CNPP Grantee Announces Shunderia Thomas-Knox – Sheek Styles & Allure Royalty Extensions As The DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur Of The Week- May 15 – May 21, 2022

Shunderia Thomas-Knox

Sheek Styles & Allure Royalty Extensions

Phone # (615) 753-8254

Years In Business: Sheek Styles was established in 2018 & Allure Royalty Extensions was established in 2021

Number of Employees:  1

Elevator Pitch: “My passion is to enhance the clients’ beauty and boost their self-esteem at the same time.”

As part of our follow-up to the progress the Daughters of Zion CNPP grantee is making within Memphis, Shelby County, and beyond- we are highlighting the weekly Entrepreneur of the Week award. When asked why Shunderia Thomas-Knox was selected as the entrepreneur of the week, Dr. Gerald Kiner, PhD declared, “ Shunderia Thomas-Knox has it all- pizazz, flash, savvy, talent, skill, the perfect attitude, the perfect husband for her, the perfect approach to building an empire – everything. She was born to be in the beauty industry and to dominate it. She is ready to explode. I am so proud of her. She is the ultimate entrepreneur. Her secret weapon is her faith in God and the strength she gets from it. She has so much to offer and so much we can all learn from her. She’s branching off and opening her own salon less than a year after burying her mother and her daughter. She is the epitome of a strong woman. She never ceases to amaze me.”

Shunderia Thomas-Knox answered several questions for the entrepreneur of the week.

Q: What is the story behind how you started your business?

A: I started my business as a hobby. I just wasn’t satisfied with how my hair would look when other people did so I just would try all the latest trends in my own head. By the time I was in high school I knew hair was my passion. I loved everything about beauty.

Q: How did you come up with the name of your businesses? 

A: The salon name was established because I wanted my customers to feel Chic when they left my chair. The name Sheek Styles was almost like “ Yeah it’s me, you see my hair”. Allure Royalty Extensions stemmed from me wanting my clients to know that they can be confident at all times. Allure means the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. Royalty means the status or power of a king or queen. So altogether I wanted my hair extensions to represent a unique representation of high quality and luxury.

Q.How did you get introduced to the Daughters of Zion Community Navigator Program?

A. I was introduced to DOZ CNPP through Dr. Kiner, the pastor of Jesus People Church.

Q: How has the Daughters of Zion Community Navigator Program influenced you in your business?

A: The DOZ CNPP has helped businesses discover several grants and also have provided knowledge that helped advance my companies to the next level. For example, business seminars that taught business credit and business banking.

Q. What has been one of your greatest success stories?

A. At my grand opening one of my formal clients drove eight hours to give a speech and to congratulate me. In the speech she announced to everyone that she was not going to miss this moment. Her words were “Shae has been more than a stylist for me but a friend as well, she went on to say how no matter how late or what the call was about I was there for her in the chair and out the chair”. She then told me that she wished she could take me to her new home because I not only cared for her hair but her as well. She announced that she has now shaved all her hair off. That spoke volumes to me because I knew then that I was providing a service that money couldn’t buy.

Q. How did you come up with your pricing list?

A. My price point was factored in by many different circumstances such as my competitors, my overhead cost, the amount of time it takes on a particular style and the quality of services.

Q. What would you say to a potential client out there trying to make a decision on whether or not to come to your salon for services?

A. My salon and hair extensions company is not an ordinary one size fits all salon. I cater each and every service to that particular client. I focus on the needs of the clients and not the money. I believe in the experience and the boost of confidence each person receives in my chair.

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