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Daughters Of Zion SBA CNPP Grantee Announces Mary Germain Turkey Pies Logistics – As The 41st DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur Of The Week- April 8, 2023 – April 14, 2023

Mary Germain

Turkey Pies Logistics

Phone number:  504-515-8702


As part of our follow-up to the progress the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP grantee is making within Memphis, Shelby County, and beyond- we are highlighting the weekly Entrepreneur of the Week Award. Mary Germain was chosen as entrepreneur of the week, and when asked why, Dr. Gerald Kiner, Ph.D. declared “Mary Germain is a student of life. Mary is a very savvy businesswoman. She’s created her very own business empire from scratch. Her personality is contagious and her customer-centric philosophy is refreshing. Mary is one of the most humble and sincere business owners I’ve ever met. I adore her as a person and as an entrepreneur. She is a joy to be around. Our program became better instantly the day Mary showed up. I’m very proud to have Mary Germain as our 41st entrepreneur of the week.”


Q: Please state your name, the name of your company, and the nature of your business.

A: My name is Mary Germain and I am the proud owner of Turkey Pies Logistics.  We are a transportation company- a courier service. We move goods and make deliveries for different companies – general freight.


Q: How did you come up with that name?

A: It’s a derivative of both of my grandmother’s nicknames. My mother’s mom’s nickname was Turkey and my dad’s mother’s nickname was Pie. They left an indelible impact on me. I was spoiled by both of those women. That’s how I came up with the name and that’s my way of honoring them.


Q: What made you want to start your business?

A: I was looking at the major carriers like Amazon and I like to drive. Driving is my way of relaxing and decompressing.  It was like a hobby and now it’s a business.  My friend said she could help me set it up and I was like “ok, let’s go” and that’s how it was formed. My friend helped me get my llc and walked me through everything.


Q: What makes you stand out from the competition?

A: I am a female in a male-dominated industry. Statistically, females don’t get involved in as many accidents than men. And women pay close attention to detail. That sets me apart. I pay very close attention to detail. And my driving force is creating generational wealth for my nieces and nephews.


Q: How did you find out about Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP

A: Social media. I was praying “oh Lord, what am going to do next” then I saw the ad on Facebook. I was scrolling on Facebook one day and I saw an ad that DOZ SBA CNPP was geared to minority business owners and I thought it would be a good way for me to network and meet new people since I am new to Memphis and just had started my business in 2021. I’ve gotten help with grants. I’ve gotten help with my SBA application. I thought it would be a healthy community for me to thrive in and it has been God sent truth be told.


Q: What would you say to other business owners about why they should become a part of the Daughters of Zion SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program?

A: It’s a working, helpful nourishing environment. Dr. Kiner was teaching us all in the Masterclass on Saturday about how Disney’s CEO Bob Igler was skeptical and nervous about buying Pixar from Steven Jobs but he eventually did it and it blessed his company and that helped me tremendously because I’ve been skeptical as well and it motivated me greatly to not be afraid to step out on faith. I think other business owners can learn not to be afraid to break the barrier and that if they fail that’s what DOZ is there for to guide them, if they do make a mistake DOZ will help them fix it and show them how to avoid it. I have seen DOZ give the people the resources and DOZ has everything you need in-house and I think that is awesome for everybody. DOZ provides us all an environment conducive to growth.


Q: In closing, what’s something vital you want all the potential clients out there to know about you?

A: I want them to know specifically that I am a God fearing person and I walk in truth and integrity and I am open to correction. If i do something to wrong you or I miss a step, please don’t be afraid to let me know.


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