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Daughters Of Zion SBA CNPP Grantee Announces Starkyria Harris – Star’z Kids Academy As The 58th DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur Of The Week – August 20, 2023 – August 26, 2023

As part of our follow-up to the progress the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP grantee is making within Memphis, Shelby County, and beyond- we are highlighting the weekly Entrepreneur of the Week Award.  Starkyria Harris was chosen as entrepreneur of the week, and when asked why, Dr. Gerald Kiner, Ph.D. declared, “Starkyria Harris, a truly remarkable entrepreneur who embodies qualities of dynamism, leadership, and an unwavering passion for making a difference in the lives of children and their parents. Her dedication and innovative mindset continue to impress, as she constantly seeks ways to enhance the well-being and educational experiences of her students. One cannot overlook the significance of the number 58 – inner strength, happiness, and financial success. In a truly serendipitous manner, she reflects the essence of this number with her amazing inner strength, happiness to serve, and goal to obtain overwhelming financial success. Therefore, it is with great honor that we present a true star- Starkyria Harris  as our 58th Entrepreneur of the Week.”


We are excited to introduce Starkyria Harris, the founder of Star’z Kids Academy, as our 58th Entrepreneur of the Week! Star’z Kids Academy is a revolutionary childcare business that focuses on creating an exceptional environment where every child feels like a star. We had the pleasure of speaking with Starkyria Harris herself to learn more about her passion, what sets her business apart, and her involvement in the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP program.


Starkyria Harris created Star’z Kids Academy with a personal touch, incorporating part of her own name into the business name to reflect her commitment to treating children with the utmost care and affection. The result is a unique and heartwarming concept that truly sets Star’z Kids Academy apart from other childcare providers.


When asked about her motivations, Starkyria expressed a deep passion for her work and a desire to be her own boss. She wanted to instill invaluable life skills in children and guide them toward a path of success. With her natural talent for teaching and leadership, she aimed to create an environment that would nurture these qualities in young minds.


What makes Star’z Kids Academy truly stand out is Starkyria’s dedication to treating every child as if they were her own. As a result, parents can trust that their little ones are in safe hands, with a team that consistently goes above and beyond. The focus is not just on childcare but also on teaching and developing leadership skills, providing children with a solid foundation for their futures.


During our conversation, Starkyria shared her discovery of the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP program through a radio announcement. She spoke highly of the program, emphasizing the warm welcome and the invaluable, free information provided. She believes it is an opportunity that no entrepreneur should miss.


One of the most inspiring aspects of Star’z Kids Academy is the numerous success stories witnessed within the business. Starkyria shared her greatest testimony, highlighting the unwavering faith and resilience required to overcome challenges. She firmly believes that with faith in God’s guidance, any obstacles can be overcome.


Taking a lighthearted turn, we learned some fun facts about Starkyria. Her favorite food is seafood, and despite being mistaken for the life of the party by many, she actually prefers a more introspective and “homebody” lifestyle. Additionally, the last dog she named was Clay.


To potential clients, Starkyria wants you to know that Star’z Kids Academy is a state-licensed group center in Tennessee. She accepts DHS certificate payments, making her services more accessible to families. At Star’z Kids Academy, they don’t just provide childcare; they create an environment where children’s dreams can shine brightly.


If you’re looking for exceptional childcare and a nurturing atmosphere for your child, look no further than Star’z Kids Academy. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the care and support provided by Starkyria Harris and her dedicated team. Contact Star’z Kids Academy at 901-290-2250 to learn more about their services today!

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