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Daughters Of Zion SBA CNPP Grantee Announces William Westbrook – Choice One Services – As The 62nd DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur Of The Week – September 17, 2023 – September 23, 2023

Choice One Services, owned by William Westbrook, has been selected as the 62nd DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur of the Week. Dr. Gerald Kiner, PhD, Executive Director of Daughters of Zion, praised Westbrook’s exceptional qualities and the positive impact he brings to Memphis. 

“William Westbrook is one of the best-kept secrets in Memphis. This man is a natural star. To know him is to love him. He is going to make life better for everyone he encounters. It’s not too common to find people with the gift to do that. The number #62 is symbolic of benefiting family and relationships, and as a family man, William Westbrook offers everything that can benefit your family and relationships. He is truly deserving of being our 62nd entrepreneur of the week.”

As a multifaceted business, Choice One Services offers a range of services including Health and Life Insurance, real estate, and home mortgages spanning over six years. When asked about the inspiration behind the name of his business, Westbrook revealed, “My first choice of a name was already taken, so I came up with ChoiceOne instead. It represents the diverse options we have to offer our clients.”

Westbrook’s passion for helping others and his skill in making deals sets him apart from the competition. He believes that his ability to think “outside the box” distinguishes Choice One Services, making them a top choice for clients in need.

Westbrook first discovered the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP program through a referral from a former client, Melvin Taylor. The program provided a wealth of information and resources to Westbrook, inspiring him to continue his growth and success. He enthusiastically encourages other business owners to join the program, stating, “Coming together to share information and learn from each other is invaluable. The Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP offers a wealth of knowledge that can help businesses thrive.”

One of the greatest testimonials of Westbrook’s business came when he was able to secure a home loan for a client who had been repeatedly denied by other lenders. Fifteen years later, the client is still living happily in her home. This success story is a testament to Westbrook’s dedication and expertise in finding innovative solutions for his clients.

In addition to being a dedicated entrepreneur, Westbrook has an array of fascinating personal experiences. He has previously worked as a personal trainer, martial artist, and youth minister. When it comes to his favorite food, Westbrook doesn’t have a specific preference, but he does have a memorable pet story. He once named a fish Lazarus because it appeared dead but miraculously revived and lived for two more weeks. Lastly, Westbrook reveals that he can’t go without God, his family, and air, emphasizing the importance of faith, loved ones, and basic necessities in his life.

As we congratulate William Westbrook on his recognition as the 62nd DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur of the Week, we acknowledge his exceptional commitment to his clients, his unique business approach, and his desire to uplift and empower families through affordable housing initiatives. Choice One Services and William Westbrook stand out as shining examples of entrepreneurial excellence and community impact. 

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