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Family First Grantee, Daughters of Zion, Inspires Children with Field Trip Celebrating African Culture at Germantown Performing Arts Theater

Saturday, February 3, witnessed the vibrant celebration of African culture as Ekpe and the Spirit of African Music graced the stage at the Germantown Performing Arts Theater. While many were in attendance, it was the inner city children whose parents are participants in the State of Tennessee Department of Human Services Family First program through the renowned grantee organization Daughters of Zion who seemed to be the most deeply moved by their visit to the suburban theater.

Daughters of Zion, whose field trips are aptly named “Education Through Exposure Excapades,” facilitated an unforgettable journey for both parents and children, all of whom were captivated by the Ekpe and the Spirit of African Music event.

The impact was palpable as parents shared their enthusiasm for the event. Family First participant- Jessica Blue, a delighted parent, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful experience offered by the Germantown Performing Arts Theater, describing it as not only enjoyable but also enriching. She found the ambiance to be very inviting and conducive to a memorable family outing. When discussing the Daughters of Zion’s field trips, she elaborated on the positive impact, emphasizing the educational value and the meaningful moments that have left a lasting impression on her and her family.

Furthermore, Family First participant Kierra Borum echoed these positive sentiments, expressing her enthusiasm not just for herself, but also for her children, indicating that they, too, found the experience to be incredibly culturally enjoyable. She elaborated on the various aspects that made the trip memorable for her and her family, underscoring how it resonated with all of them.

It is clear that both Jessica and Kierra expressed not only their satisfaction but also their gratitude for the enriching experiences provided by the Germantown Performing Arts Theater and the Daughters of Zion which paid for the cost of attendance. Their words underscore the meaningful impact that these activities have had on them and their families, serving as a testament to the value Daughters of Zion’s “Education Through Exposure Excapades,” bring to the community.

This impactful field trip was far from arbitrary. Tosha Dae, the Daughters of Zion Field Trip Coordinator, stressed the deliberate nature of these initiatives, citing research demonstrating the profound benefits of exposing inner-city children to their African heritage. Studies have shown that a strong cultural identity and connection to one’s heritage can lead to increased self-esteem, motivation, and improved academic outcomes, highlighting the significance of such experiences for the participating families.

Amidst the energy and rhythm of Ekpe and the Spirit of African Music, Daughters of Zion’s steadfast commitment to providing vital exposure and enrichment shone through. The children were immersed in the vibrant tapestry of their African heritage, infusing their senses with beats and melodies that echoed their historical roots. The depth of impact was evident in the joy and wonder that graced their faces, serving as a testament to the profound experience they encountered.

The families and children, inspired by this celebration of African culture, poured out their gratitude for the opportunity to connect with their rich heritage. Daughters of Zion’s unwavering dedication to fostering a deep sense of belonging and confidence through exposure to African culture has left an indelible mark, propelling these young participants towards academic success and overall well-being. As Black History Month commences, the profound impact of Daughters of Zion’s program illuminates a path to a brighter, empowered future for all involved, embodying the essence of celebration, learning, and cultural enrichment.

To see if you qualify as a Daughters of Zion Family First participant, call 901-260-9933.

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