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Groceries will be tax-free in Tennessee for three months

MEMPHIS,  Tenn. – Your groceries will be tax-free for all of August, September and October in Tennessee.

“This is going to be really good,” said Chelsea Winston, a South Memphis resident. “Especially with school starting.”

As FOX13 reported in April, lawmakers voted to remove the state and local grocery taxes for three months. On top of the temporary grocery tax break for residents, the bill included permanent tax breaks for certain companies.

In Tennessee, the state normally has a grocery tax of 4%. On top of that, Shelby County has a grocery tax of 2.25%. Municipalities can also impose a 0.5% tax break.

Let’s say a family has a weekly grocery bill of $150. That would amount to savings of $10.13 a week, or $121 in savings over 12 weeks.

The CEO of Forward Memphis recommended that families save the money they would have put toward taxes.

“That’s why I think budgeting is so important,” explained Travis Moody. “If you do not budget, that money does get eaten up in something else. But $135 over three months? That’s something that you can put away for Christmas.”

Memphis residents can’t wait for the savings to start.

“Everybody eats a lot,” said Maurice Williams, an east Memphis resident.

“Everything in there’s high,” said Dedrick Smith, an Orange Mound resident. “So without taxes, it’s going to be even better.”

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