Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Memphian Patrice Robinson appointed to TVA board


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis City Council member Patrice Robinson has been selected by President Joe Biden to serve on the board of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The White House made the announcement Monday.

Robinson, a former employee of Memphis Light, Gas & Water, chairs the MLGW committee on Memphis City Council, and initiated the MLGW Share the Pennies Initiative and created the Weatherization Task Force, according to a release.

MLGW is TVA’s largest customer.

“Patrice Robinson has a lifetime of experience in utility management and public service and is the ideal candidate for the TVA Board. I am happy to see a Memphian again appointed to the board,” said Congressman Steve Cohen (D-Memphis).

Robinson expressed her gratitude for the nomination in the following statement:

“I am deeply honored and genuinely delighted to be nominated by President Joe Biden to the Tennessee Valley Authority Board of Directors. My unwavering passion for the field of energy has been cultivated over the course of my extensive professional and political career, and I am profoundly eager to advocate for my community on this significant platform. I am beyond appreciative of my family, friends, and every individual who has, in any way, encouraged and supported me along this journey. This nomination opens a door to further dedicated work, for which I am not only well-prepared but also immensely enthusiastic. An opportunity such as this allows for more visibility to the City of Memphis and its concerns on a broader level, and I am beyond grateful to be a liaison for this great region. At this moment, mere words fail to express the profound gratitude in my heart—gratitude to God for opening this remarkable door and to the City of Memphis for equipping me with invaluable tools and unforgettable experiences that will undoubtedly guide me as I embark on this momentous chapter.”

Former WREG General Manager Ron Walter formerly served on the TVA board.

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