Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

MLGW lifts boil water advisory


MEMPHIS. Tenn. – MLGW lifted the boil water advisory for all its water customers Tuesday afternoon.

MLGW said there are no restrictions on the use of drinking water supplied to its customers.

According to a news release, MLGW met with Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and said that it was lifted after assuring water safety standards have been met.

What should customers do next?

• Turn on the main water valve if it has been closed.

• Flush any faucet a minimum of two minutes to ensure clearing of the line serving the faucet.

• Begin with the faucet that is highest up in your home or building and then open the other faucets one at a time moving from the highest floor to the lowest.

• Discard any ice made during the boil water notice.

• Check water filters (in faucets, refrigerators and elsewhere) and replace if necessary.

• Owners and managers of large buildings should ensure that their entire system is flushed and that storage tanks are drained and refilled.

If the water is discolored:

• Flush water pipes by running the water until it is clear.

• Do not wash clothes if the water is discolored. Wait until the water runs clear at the tap. Wash a load of dark clothes first.

If you have questions regarding this matter, you may contact MLGW’s Water Quality Assurance Lab at 901-320-3962, or email

MLGW issued the systemwide advisory Friday afternoon because of a drop in water pressure caused by broken water mains and burst pipes in homes and businesses due to several days of sub-freezing temperatures. It had issued localized advisories to parts of northwest and southeast Shelby County a day earlier.

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