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SBA CNPP Grantee, Daughters of Zion, Hosts Saturday Masterclass Event where Pathway Lending VP Shares Valuable Insights with 50 Tennessee Entrepreneurs

Memphis, TN – On most Saturdays throughout each month, Daughters of Zion’s renowned weekend event- the “Saturday Masterclass”, offers game-changing support for small business owners, Saturday, September 16, 2023, was no different.  Daughters of Zion, an extraordinary poverty fighting organization, once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to supporting small business owners in Tennessee. In a remarkable display of dedication, by giving up their weekends, they hosted yet another Saturday Masterclass, providing invaluable guidance to 50 eager entrepreneurs. 


Daughters of Zion’s remarkable success is evident as they now have over 1000 CNPP small business clients, surpassing their two-year goal of 480 in less than 22 months. Among the 50 SBA CNPP small business clients, 26% were first-time attendees, showcasing the program’s ability to continually attract and support new entrepreneurs. It is truly astounding to witness the growth of Daughters of Zion’s SBA CNPP efforts on a weekly basis, even as the program approaches its conclusion in less than 3 months, unless federal funds are renewed.


One exceptional individual,  Jarlecia Jones, Vice President of Pathway Lending, who also gave up her weekend, played a pivotal role in the event, empowering attendees with her wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Jones, an esteemed figure in the lending industry, captivated the audience with her wisdom and practical advice. Through her magnetic presence and profound insights, she ensured that the lessons learned during the masterclass would have a lasting impact on the attendees. 


Ms. Jones expressed her admiration for their commitment to personal and business development, stating, “I think it’s amazing that you are investing in yourselves and your businesses on a Saturday.”


Recognizing the importance of credit repair for small business owners, Ms. Jones highlighted the valuable resources provided by Operation Hope, which offers free credit repair assistance to those in need. She stressed the significance of a good credit score, stating, “Your credit score is your repayment history,” emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive financial track record.

As Vice President of Pathway Lending, Ms. Jones clarified the institution’s focus on business loans rather than personal banking services. Specifically, she mentioned, “We do not offer depository accounts such as checking or savings accounts. Our primary goal is to provide business loans to entrepreneurs.”

Highlighting the priorities of Pathway Lending, Ms. Jones stated, “A business loan should generate more money or reduce expenses; we don’t want to add more debt to you.” This philosophy reflects the organization’s commitment to supporting business growth and sustainability rather than burdening entrepreneurs with excessive financial obligations.

Furthermore, Ms. Jones outlined the key factors considered in the loan application process, including financial projections and the potential impact on the applicant’s bottom line. Additionally, she stressed the importance of working capital, describing it as “money that’s working for you” and explaining its role in bridging financial gaps.

To apply for a loan with Pathway Lending, Ms. Jones outlined the required documents, including two years of tax returns, profit and loss statements, and financial projections. These comprehensive requirements ensure that applicants have a clear understanding of their business’s financial situation and growth potential.

Sharing stories of success, Ms. Jones inspired the attendees by recounting her experience coaching a small business owner who went from earning $19,000 to $40,000, with their business now generating $1 million in revenue. She encouraged the entrepreneurs in the room, assuring them that with the right support and guidance through programs like the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP, they too can experience transformative growth.


The testimonials from the small business owners in attendance shed light on the invaluable lessons they gleaned from Ms. Jones’s expertise:


Kim Byrd, owner of Divine Intervention LLC, expressed her gratitude, remarking, “I discovered that there is hope and help available. Daughters of Zion through Ms. Jones showed us that we are eligible for support we previously believed to be out of reach. This newfound knowledge has invigorated my entrepreneurial spirit.”


Telisa Echols, the dedicated owner of Echols Helping Hands, emphasized the transformative power of education and support. She confidently exclaimed, “Ms. Jones opened our eyes to opportunities we didn’t know existed. She provided guidance on how to navigate the complex world of financing. It’s incredible to know that there are lenders out there willing to help us succeed.”


Christa Bell, the enthusiastic owner of Rugs All Day and Mo, gained a deep understanding of the necessary steps to achieve success. Reflecting on Ms. Jones’s impactful message, she declared, “We learned that success is a journey. By following the right steps and persevering, we will reach our goals. This Masterclass event has  instilled in me a renewed sense of determination.”


Isaac Scott, the passionate owner of Louise Heavenly Soul Food Kitchen, recognized the importance of financial preparedness and strategic planning. He noted, “Ms. Jones taught us that being knowledgeable and organized is key to securing the loans we need. By coming prepared and having a well-crafted business plan, we can expedite the lending process. This valuable insight will save us time and propel our growth.”


The Daughters of Zion’s Saturday Masterclass, has proven to be a pivotal event for these 50 Tennessee entrepreneurs. The commitment and dedication displayed by Daughters of Zion in providing ongoing weekend support sets them apart. Daughters of Zion stands out as a beacon of support, as no other organization in the state of Tennessee dedicates their weekdays and weekends to assisting small business owners in the same way. Their unwavering commitment to these entrepreneurs is unparalleled, fostering an environment where dreams can flourish and success becomes attainable. Through their collaborative efforts and the guidance received from Ms. Jones and other guest speakers, these SBA CNPP small business owners are equipped with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success.

Pathway Lending Contact:

Jarlecia Jones- 

Telephone: 615-310-2190


To sign up for free DOZ CNPP business coaching and training use the link below:

Or call 901-260-9933


SBA CNPP small business clients in attendance  9/16/23


  1. Name – William Westbrook – Business Name –  Choice One Services 
  2. Name – Sisuse Krubah – Business Name –  Kruvivi Coaching 
  3. Name – Tamikra Strickland –  Business Name – I live 2 Give Charity 
  4. Name – Jessica Waller –  Business Name – Bubbly Wine and Liquor
  5. Name – Patrick Lacey – Business Name –  Lacey & Associate 
  6. Name – Vincent Wells – Business Name – BJ’s Auto Sales
  7. Name – Telesa Echols – Idea Stage  
  8. Name – Latundra Clayborn – Business Name – HandCrafted Creations/ Bridging The Gap 
  9. Name – Ashiqua Jackson – Business Name – AVIATI Healthcare 
  10. Name – Twyanna Payne – Idea Stage 
  11. Name – Nilene Woods – Idea Stage 
  12. Name – Mrs.Mae Wallace – Idea Stage 
  13. Name – Christina  Bell – Business Name – RugsAll Day and Mo LLC
  14. Name – Nina Booker – Business Name – Beauty is in You 
  15. Name – LD Thompson Sr.  – Business Name- Trinity Services Corp
  16. Name – Janice Thompson – Business Name – Gift It & More
  17. Name – Leniese Money – Idea Stage
  18. Name – Shakia Sylia – Idea Stage
  19. Name – Mia Earl – Business Name- Abundant Life Wellness Solutions
  20. Name – Chrystal Epp – Business Name- Anchored Redemption, LLC 
  21. Name – Jeanette Franklin – Business Name- God’s Angel Hands
  22. Name – Sabina Gilleylen – Business Name- Manna Inc
  23. Name – Felicia Fields-Walker – Business Name- Forget Me Not Phase 2 LLC
  24. Name – Cedric Dorsey – Business Name- Helping Hands of Mid-South
  25. Name – Celia Tisby – Idea Stage
  26. Name – Oscar Telford – Business Name- OK Cleaning Services  
  27. Name – Earl Brown – Business Name – Jake’s Plumbing 
  28. Name – Patt Edwards-Sipp – Business Name- Pat Sipp Realtor
  29. Name – Sebrina Wright – Business Name- Beauty on Wheels LLC
  30. Name – Sharay Thomas – Business Name – Pentacare
  31. Name – Dana Pearson – Business Name -Gals At Rest
  32. Name – Belinda Carney – Idea Stage 
  33. Name – Brittany Shaw – Business Name –  Touched by Bella 
  34. Name – Gail Reece – Idea Stage 
  35. Name – Beryl Newsome Fifer – Idea Stage  
  36. Name – Cassandra Jackson – Business Name – Where 2 Next
  37. Name – Stephanie Williams  – Business Name – Heaven Sent
  38. Name – Trinity Burnett – Business Name – 901TouchedbyTee
  39. Name – Wayne Dowell  – Business Name – Noah’s Delivery Service
  40. Name – Kamisha Greer – Business Name – Kaz Kalloonz
  41. Name – Malika McFulson – Business Name –  Bossaholic Brand
  42. Name – Tameka Mcghee – Business Name – Friends and Family Circle of Love
  43. Name – Velvety Johnson – Business Name –  E.V.E.S Services and Boutique 
  44. Name – Rochell Bowen –  Business Name- Fruit and Vegetable Market 
  45. Name – Lajuanna Jones – Idea Stage
  46. Name – April Matthew – Idea Stage 
  47. Name – Princess Walker – Business Name – Princess Wreath Designer
  48. Name – Brenda Thomas – Business Name – Lubrens Catering and Events Center 
  49. Name – Darell Turner – Business Name –  New Life Personal Care Agency
  50. Name – Melvin Taylor – Business Name –  Vets Helping Vets

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