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UofM associate athletic director earns conference’s first ‘Together We Stand’ award


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Marlon Dechausay, the University of Memphis senior associate athletic director for student-athlete welfare, has been named the inaugural staff recipient of the American Athletic Conference’s “Together We Stand” Award as selected by the conference’s Racial Equality Action Group (REAG) subcommittee.

Dechausay was selected for demonstrated excellence in advancing racial equality in the athletic department, at the institution and in the community. Dechausay helped form the University of Memphis Athletics for Diversity & Equality (UMADE) program, which is an intentional and sustainable effort to eradicate systemic racism and promote social justice.

Dechausay has also run multiple listening sessions for conference coaches and student-athletes and serves as a liaison to the Athletes for Equality Group. Additionally, he serves as a co-Chair of the AAC’s REAG and is part of The American’s SAAC Advisory Committee.

“Marlon continuously champions for our student-athletes in all aspects, including issues relating to racial equality and diversity, and he is a trusted voice in our senior leadership,” University of Memphis Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Laird Veatch said.

“‘Serve’ is one of the key words in our athletic department culture statement, and Marlon truly serves our student-athletes and overall community in everything he does.”

“I am humbled and honored to receive this recognition,” Dechausay said he is humbled to receive the recognition.

“I am proud to be among a great community of people at our university, and throughout the American Athletic Conference, who work tirelessly to promote diversity, equality and inclusion,” he said.

Dechausay has been a part of the Memphis athletic department since November 2018.

A member of the athletic department’s senior staff, Dechausay oversees many elements related to the overall wellness of the student-athlete population.

Dechausay’s time working in athletics at the NCAA Division I level spans 20 years and began as an assistant academic advisor at Syracuse while also working on his master’s degree from 2003-05.

Since then, Dechausay has had stints at Iowa State, Florida State, Texas Tech, Indiana State, Florida Atlantic and Illinois.

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