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‘You can’t say that, bro.’ Al Kapone sends a message to Steph Curry and Golden State

by: Alex Coleman

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We hope you have your growl towels ready, because we’re just hours away from our Memphis Grizz taking on Golden State in Game 6 of the playoffs. 

Many are still savoring Wednesday’s blowout win as the Grizz nation celebrated and chanted “Whoop That Trick.” Now, Memphis rapper Al Kapone tells us about the unofficial Grizz anthem.

Inside FedEx Forum, the song “Whoop That Trick” has become the unofficial anthem and rallying cry for the Memphis Grizzlies and their fans. “Whoop That Trick” is a song by Memphis-born rapper Al Kapone and was performed by Terrence Howard in the 2005 Craig Brewer movie “Hustle & Flow.”

Friday on Live at 9, Kapone talked about what it’s like to hear Grizz Nation chant his words loud and proud.

“Explosive to see that many fans in unison really chanting the same thing,” Kapone said. “I tell people it’s reminiscent of ‘We Will Rock You!’”

This week, Golden State’s Steph Curry appeared to fan the flames, telling ESPN his team’s mentality heading into the Game 5 was to “Whoop That Trick!”

“It’s no way. You can’t say that, bro,” Kapone said. “You can’t come to Memphis, and you’re saying ‘Whoop That Trick’ on us? That’s our term, and we got to get them tonight.”

Late in Wednesday night’s embarrassing blowout, Memphis fans chanted “Whoop that trick.” Kapone spotted Steph Curry and shouted the words in his face.

“I ran back up to him, and I’m going to make you eat those words right now. Whoop That Trick!” Kapone said. “So, I’m whooping that trick in front of him, and he’s looking kind of down smiling almost as if ‘Y’all got us. Y’all got us.’”

Even after Grizzles 134-95 beat down of Golden State, Curry and Draymond Green seem to enjoy the “Whoop That Trick” moment.

“They’re not going to ‘Whoop That Trick’ alone,” Green said. “We’re going to ‘Whoop That Trick’ together if we’re going to ‘Whoop That Trick’.”

“Whoop That Trick” is an anthem, a chant, and a message Kapone and Grizz Nation hope Golden State and Steph Curry will hear again Friday night.

“It was me saying it for everybody, in front of him, don’t you ever say ‘Whoop That Trick’ and come to Memphis and think it’s sweet. Never that,” Kapone said. “This is for everybody. I’m hoarse right now.”

Tipoff for game six between the Grizz and the Warriors is Friday at 9 p.m. at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

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