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“Wretched are those who are vindictive and spiteful.”

Pope Francis

Sunday Night, May 29, 2022, Shelby County Observer was told by one of the minor child’s church dance team members that she received a frantic call from the minor child because she was told by her mother she couldn’t come to church and she was also informed she was treated at the hospital because of it. Tuesday as soon as court opened the Shelby County Observer went to get a copy of the motion Laura English filed. Supervisor A Vicki Davis at the Office of Circuit Court Clerk gave us the FIATJudge Smith signed that said, “ Mother is enjoined from allowing any contact between the minor child and Gerald Kiner, to include but not limited to physical contact, telephone contact, or indirect contact through a third party.” We are awaiting a response from Laura English to answer the four questions we emailed her below:

  1. Did you inform Judge Valerie Smith that Gerald Kiner is actually the pastor and spiritual counselor of the minor child you filed a motion to ban from or did you intentionally keep her in the dark?
  2. Did you consult with experts concerning the impact of your unprecedented decision to ban the minor child from her pastor and church would have on the already fragile minor child?
  3. What was your reaction when you discovered the minor child had been hospitalized from the trauma essentially caused by your motion essentially banning her from church and from her pastor? 
  4. Have you ever considered filing a motion against the father who according to the November 8, 2022 court reporter transcripts was order by Judge Valere Smith to call his own daughter 4 times a week but according to our sources on the minor child’s dance team the dad has never honored the judge’s order nor according to dance team member(s) even called the minor child on Christmas? 

According to court records, twice the minor child’s mother has filed a motion to remove Laura English and twice she has been denied. It is hard to phantom how Laura English can be impartial. The responsibility of a Guardian Ad Litem is to do what is in the best interest of the child yet Ms. English is filing motions causing the minor child to be tramzitized and hospitalized. “Wretched are those who are vindictive and spiteful.” Pope Francis

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