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Shelby County Restaurant Scores July 5-11

by: Stuart Rucker

Each week WREG is rounding up the highest and lowest scores from Shelby County restaurant inspections. Find more scores from Shelby County and other Tennessee counties here.


Owen Brennan’s Restaurant – 89
6250 Poplar Ave. Suite 1500 Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: raw and undercooked items offered not disclosed on menus but reminder is present, sanitizer solution inadequate in wiping bucket for microbial control, improperly stored ice scoop on top of ice machine, scoop handle touching food products, clean utensils must be stored inverted, walk-in cooler needs repairs for dent and gasket, interior of freezers needs cleaning to remove debris, missing ceiling tile near 3-compartment sink, vent hood lights needs to be replaced, employee personal items not stored in designated areas.

Babalu Tapas – 87
6450 Poplar Ave. Suite 101 Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: ice machine has pink slime present – must be drained, rinsed and sanitized, several TCS (Time / Temperature control as food safety) items held beyond 41 degrees at prep cooler and inside meat drawer, scoop handle touching food products, clean utensils must be stored inverted, cooler needs gasket repairs, several coolers not maintaining proper temperatures.

Sing Lay – 87
2684 Frayser Blvd. Memphis, TN 38127
Violations include: hand washing sink not accessible because a chest and food containers were in the way, raw eggs stored on top of ready to eat food inside reach-in cooler, ice machine has black mold present – needs to be drained, rinsed and sanitized, food in coolers not labelled, pitching of tea sitting on counter without lid, open bag of sugar in storage area, food stored on floor of kitchen (cooking oil, soy sauce), current permit not posted – permit posted was from 2021.

Vietnam Restaurant (Food Service) – 87
74 Cleveland Memphis, TN 38104
Violations include: multiple food items out of temperature in prep cooler next to stove – store food items in another cooler until repaired, food is held over 24 hours, but there are no dates. Food must be dated when prepared or when removed from original packaging and discard date, food missing labels with common names, uncovered food in coolers and freezers – must be covered to prevent cross contamination, food in containers stored on ground in freezer and cooler – must be at least 6 in. off the ground, rice scoop stored in standing room temperature water – store in hot water at 135 degrees under running water or dry and covered to prevent bacteria growth, prep cooler gasket needs repair to provide proper sealing, handle missing from inside walk-in cooler, dishwasher not dispensing enough sanitizer, exterior of equipment needs cleaning to remove food debris, baseboards by hand sink needs repair, walls need cleaning to remove debris and dust, lighting is inadequate in hallway from kitchen to walk-in cooler and freezer, employee personal items stored on equipment.

Big Bad Breakfast – 86
6450 Poplar Ave Suite 119 Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: employee observed drinking in kitchen prep area, improper cold holding at the egg cooler and meat drawer – several items beyond 41 degrees, wiping cloths stored on counters or in an inadequate sanitizer solution, butter scoop stored in standing water at room temperature – must be stored either in water that is 135 degrees or more running water or dried and covered, walls and floor underneath dishwasher needs cleaning to remove mold, floors between equipment need cleaning to remove buildup, employee personal items and drinks stored in non-designated areas – must be away from food prep and utensil storage.

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant – 86
3170 Village Shop Dr. Memphis, TN 38013
Violations include: hand washing signs not present, ice machine has pink slime present – must be drained, rinsed and sanitized, thermometers missing inside coolers, prepared food items missing labels with common names on containers, receiving door does not close tightly enough and leaves outer openings unprotected, gap between kickplate, door and hole to outside, bowls used as scoops touching food items, ceiling tile missing above wash sink at dishwasher, ceiling stained, ceiling tiles uneven between dishwasher, shelving and ice machine, wall behind dishwasher is peeling and no longer easily cleanable – repair to prevent mold, missing light bulb above the stove, several unshielded lights near walk-in coolers and freezer.

Inspector’s note: “Priority item 8 not completely corrected. Priority item 14 not corrected. Priority items 18 and 26 corrected. A closure letter will be issued for items not corrected in 10 days. Handwashing signs left with PIC again. Also, your walk-in cooler may need to be serviced as it is now 43 degrees when during the routine inspection it was much colder.”

Little Caesar’s – 86
2991 Canada Rd. Suite 102 Lakeland, TN 38002
Violation include: no employee illness policy present, hand sinks need to be equipped and conveniently accessible, no thermometer present inside walk-in cooler or reach-in cooler, all food containers must be properly labelled, pizza pans must be stacked right side down and stored off the floor, boxes for to go items stored on the floor, no test strips for 3-compartment sink, clean floors, walls and ceiling in kitchen, light shield needed inside walk-in cooler, recent permit and inspection not posted.

Tops Bar-B-Q – 86
2288 Frayser Blvd. Memphis, TN 38127
Violations include: both drink machines have pink slime present – must be drained, rinsed and sanitized.

Southern Hands – 85
1811 Kirby Pkwy. Germantown, TN 38138
Violations include: raw chicken stored over raw catfish, ice machine drinking water spout needs cleaning to remove pink slime buildup, food removed from original packaging must be labelled with common names, outer openings are not protected from pest entry – back door is not self-closing or tight-fitting, effective hair restraint not worn by all employees handling food, floor by the back door and near the drains of the 3-compartment sink needs cleaning, mop sink has grime buildup, hot water knob on front hand sink needs repairs, light out above fryer, employee phone stored on cutting board next to hot holding line, recent routine inspection not posted.

Inspector’s note: “Priority items 13 and 14 not corrected. Pink slime (biofilm) still present at the spout of ice machine/drinking water. Educated PIC again on proper storage of raw meat. A closure letter will be issued.”

Pimentos Kitchen and Market (Food Service) – 79
6450 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38119
Violations include: ice machine has pink slime present – must be drained, rinsed and sanitized, consumer advisory missing on menus or tables for items cooked to order – reminder statement must be present and must disclose which items are offered raw or undercooked, chemical bottles missing labels, employees handling food without hair restraint, wiping cloths stored in inadequate concentrations of sanitizer, ice scoop stored uncovered on the side of the ice machine, clean utensils must be stored inverted, commercial dishwasher needs cleaning to remove calcification deposits from chlorine, floors under equipment need cleaning to remove buildup, several vent-a-hood lights were out.

Jr.’s Fish & Chicken – 77
2200 Frayser Blvd. Memphis, TN 38127
Violations include: manager touched chicken with bare hands, back hand washing skin is not accessible, garbage bags and scrubbing pads were inside the sink instead, all paper towels and soap were inaccessible, raw food stored over ready-to-eat foods, raw beef stored on shelf above bread and condiments, fried chicken on countertop was 82 degrees, cold holding table is not holding at 41 degrees or below – therefore, food stored at table is not reaching proper cold holding temperatures, no thermometer inside reach-in cooler or food thermometer inside prep cooler, unlabelled containers of flour and wing sauces, no cover on chicken inside reach-in cooler, open bag of sugar stored on shelf without lid, scoop stored in flour container and handle is touching flour, produce sink pipe is leaking, dumpster door left open and missing lid, furniture left in dumpster area, current permit not posted – expired in 2019.

Inspector’s note: “Chicken on counter temperature was 82 degrees When I asked the manager how long has this chicken been sitting on the counter he told me 5 mins. I told him there is no way this chicken have been sitting on this counter for only 5 mins if it was just cooked and placed in pan on counter. I told him he could not leave chicken just sitting out. It has to be hot held or cold held.”


Barnes and Noble Booksellers
2774 N. Germantown Pkwy. Memphis, TN 38133

Blues City Nutrition
6100 Primacy Pkwy, Suite 106 Memphis, TN 38119

Collierville Nutrition Spot
364 New Byhalia Rd. Suite 3 Collierville, TN 38017

9245 Poplar Ave. Suite 303 Germantown, TN 38138

Smooth Taste Italian Ice (Push Cart)
4201 Old Forest Rd. Memphis, TN 38125

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