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Community organization host toiletry drive for the homeless

By Griffin DeMarrais

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – There was a sense of gratitude in the air Sunday at Morris Park as The Chief Clarence L. Cash Jr. Firefighter Foundation spent the day giving back to the homeless.

Cynthia Cash organized a toiletry drive which was supposed to take place on MLK day, but she said after the week of snow and freezing temperatures she felt like this giveaway was needed now more than ever.

“The temperatures were grueling so to give back and aid them and try to just get back into the base of where they are we just felt it in our heart, and we wish we had more,” Cash said.

The bags that were passed out were customized for men and women and had things like deodorant, socks, lotion, and different snacks.

Cash said in a lot of cases these are things we don’t think twice about for other people these are things they don’t have.

“We think about things that we take for granted that they can’t, so that is how we ended up coming up with just toiletries where we can actually go to the store and give them things on a daily basis that they can’t get,” Cash said.

Cynthia Cash is the daughter of Chief Clarence L. Cash Jr. who was the first African American fire chief in Shelby County, and she said she’s just trying to follow in her father’s footsteps.

“The community needs help, and my dad was a giver and that is one thing he believed in which was giving back to the community,” Cash said.

Cash said they are working on getting more donations to hopefully make this a regular trend.

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