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The small town 45 minutes from Memphis had been without water since Tuesday, Jan. 16. They remain under a boil water notice.

Water restored to Mason, TN, after more than a week without from winter weather damage, town officials say

 Jackson Brown

MASON, Tenn — After nearly two weeks without running water, town officials in Mason, Tennessee, said their water is now back on, and after a boil water notice, life will soon return to normal.

Town officials said they first noticed they lost water pressure early Tuesday, Jan. 16, but it wasn’t until Wednesday Jan. 17 that residents were notified they’d be without water.

Friday, the Mason Fire Department said the city’s water supplier, Alliance reported a “breakthrough” in its restoration efforts, and announced water was restored to residents, who are now asked to boil water for the next 72 hours.

Mason Alderwoman and former Vice Mayor Virginia Rivers said Sunday officials are hoping to lift the boil water notice on Monday.

Mason officials said the Blue Oval City team donated more than 100 cases of drinking water to the town, and the fire department worked on getting even more for their elderly and sick residents.

Former Vice Mayor Virginia Rivers said it was yet another example of the mega site being good neighbors.

“‘Hey, let’s do something to help them.’ They could’ve not, but they did, and that shows when a city or a town is in a disastrous situation, they’re willing to step in and do what they can,” Rivers said.

The Mason Fire Department distributed water to the public every day during the event. They stressed that it would be a “multi-day” event and that there was no current time table for how long it would take for water services to be fully restored to the community.

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