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Daughters Of Zion SBA CNPP Grantee Announces April Matthews-Williford – Kismet Wealth Enterprises- As The 55th DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur Of The Week- July 23, 2023 – July 29, 2023

April Matthews-Williford 

Kismet Wealth Enterprises

Phone number: 901-552-1778


As part of our follow-up to the progress the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP grantee is making within Memphis, Shelby County, and beyond- we are highlighting the weekly Entrepreneur of the Week Award. April Matthews-Williford was chosen as the entrepreneur of the week, and when asked why, Dr. Gerald Kiner, Ph.D. declared, “ I am blown away by April Matthews-Williford. She shines with Kismet Wealth Enterprises, where she focuses on building wealth and generational prosperity. Through her tax preparation services and credit-building expertise, April empowers her clients to unlock financial success. What sets her apart is the genuine care she has for her clients, seeing them as family. She goes above and beyond, spreading love to those in need and being a blessing whenever possible. April’s inspiring spirit and dedication make her a true community champion. It is said that the number 55 represents positive change, personal growth, and life lessons. April most definitely exemplifies every attribute of positive change, personal growth, and life lesson for our community.  This is why she is our 55th entrepreneur of the week.


Q: Please state your name, the name of your company, and the nature of your business.

A: My name is April Matthews-Williford and I am the proud owner of Kismet Wealth Enterprises. One of the businesses I have focused on building wealth and generational wealth. This is obtained by preparing taxes, teaching tax preparation and also building credit.


Q: How did you come up with that beautiful name? 

A: Upon hearing the word kismet and researching what it meant, I learned it meant destiny and all things that are destined to you will come to you.


Q: What made you want to start your business?

A: I wanted to originally start this particular business to help my husband, everything was provided for but the extra and helping my husband not be so stressed. 


Q: What makes you stand out from the competition? 

A: My clients are not just a number, they become family.  I have also had clients that couldn’t provide for their families. I have given away like Christmas, I pick a family and donate Christmas toys, dinner, and breakfast every year in need.  Every year I have at least 2 families and last year I had 5 families and one family had 5 kids. I hear my clients talk, listen to their needs and try to provide help.  I love coming here because I get to meet other people that help in different capacities.

I have a secondary business named April’s Daughters House and Sons of April’s House. One entity is for females and one for males. This is our passion, ages 16-25. This will be an actual live-in facility where the individuals can come in and get total wholesome rehabilitation.  This would include education, credit counseling, skills training, mental health and savings upon exiting this program the individuals will come out with savings ability to provide housing, vehicles, sustain jobs and have a total sense of self-sufficiency.


Q: How did you find out about Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP?

A: I heard about the program on Facebook.


Q: What would you say to other business owners about why they should become a part of the Daughters of Zion SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program?

A:  The biggest thing for me is networking. You get to network, and it pours into your investment and it pours into you individually.


Q: What is the greatest testimony you have witnessed from your business?

A: Through my tax company just to see when people were going through even though it’s a service I provide I get to pray with them and see the weight lifted once they get their funds.  And just to have people to trust you says a lot about you, your character and your brand?


Q: How many books have you written?

A: None, but you have given me an idea.


Q: Let me ask you some fun facts about yourself. What is your favorite food? What is the most interesting thing people wouldn’t know about you? What is something you love?

A: I’m a very talkative person. A lot of people don’t know I’m shy. I’m very goofy. I love words. I love English I’m always successful in whatever I do.


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