Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

MLGW customers sound off on increased utility bills

By: Bria Jones

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– After the massive power outage from the ice storm, Memphis Light Gas and Water customers are now sounding off online about increased bills.

Some customers say their bill this month has doubled, causing financial strain.

MLGW said an increase should be expected during winter. Back in November, Memphis, Light, Gas and Water warned of increased bills due to natural gas prices.

But customers like Letha Bryson say they’re seeing more than the projected $20 per month average price hike.

“It went up probably like 50 dollars,” Bryson said. “It’s a big concern because I have other bills.”

Dozens of customers are reporting increases online, some as high as triple their usual bill.

In a statement, MLGW said, “Customers may see an increase in their bills during the coldest and warmest times of the year due to their increased consumption of electricity and/or gas.”

A spokesperson told WREG the last round of small rate increases from the Way Forward Plan were implemented this January, increasing electric by 1.5 percent, gas by 2 percent and water going up 5 percent.

Customers say the increases are causing hardships.

“I live by myself. I live alone and I’m retired so I have to pay the bills,” said MLGW customer Pamela Clayton. “They need to really do something about it because a lot of people do not have jobs and they are suffering because of the increase of the bills.”

After losing power during the ice storm like more than 230,000 other customers, Bryson said people are tired of not getting the services they pay good money for.

“We been dealing with MLGW for so long. If somebody else takeover maybe everything will change for the better,” she said.

MLGW said customers were not charged for power when there was an outage.

Anyone with a question about their bill can call (901)-544-6549.

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