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Mr. Treveles Simmons Recognized As Daughters Of Zion’s Community Navigator Pilot Program Guzman – Sutherland Entrepreneur Of The Week January 16-22, 2022

By Nancy Osman

Treveles D. Simmons
Tax Professionals of America
Years In Business: 18
Number of Employees: 12
Elevator Pitch “ We have former IRS agents who know the tax laws. With Tax Professional of America EVERYONE GETS A FREE TRIP”

Phone: 901-300-5442
Address: 3722 Mendenhall Rd
Memphis, Tn 38115

As apart of our follow up to the progress the Daughters of Zion CNPP grantee is making within Memphis and Shelby County we discovered Dr. Gerald Kiner, PhD Daughters of Zion’s Executive Director created an Entrepreneur of the Week award named after the 27th Administrator of the SBA Isabella Casillas Guzman and Terry Sutherland Director, Office of Entrepreneurship Education (OEE) Office of Entrepreneurial Development (OED)
U.S. Small Business Administration. When asked why the award was named after those two individuals, Dr. Kiner explained “ Giving honor to whom honor is due is one of Daughters of Zion’s guiding principles and without the vision of Isabella Guzman and the person responsible for executing that vision – Terry Sutherland, the resources we have to help the hundreds of businesses we have assisted thus far wouldn’t be available. Our honorees and our small business clients aided by this grant need to know who those two individuals are and the
difference they made in making our free services possible. Our honorees will reflect the Guzman – Sutherland gifts of vision and execution.”

Dr. Kiner notes Mr. Treveles D. Simmons was chosen as the first Guzman- Sutherland Entrepreneur of the Week because “ In less than a week of involvement, he immediately caught the program’s vision and has made an instant impact in spreading that vision to other entrepreneurs. His execution in helping others and his remarkable desire to see others blessed, not just his own business, deserves recognition.”

Mr. Treveles D. Simmons’ answered our 3 questions for the entrepreneurs of the week.

Q: What is your vision for your business

A: “To empower all people to financial freedom and financial wisdom.”

Q: How has the Daughters of Zion Community Navigator Pilot Program impacted you as an entrepreneur ?

A: “Daughters of Zion gives me the knowledge of different types of grants that are available for small minority business owners. They are there for support and to be able to answer any questions I may have.”

Q: What would you say to other entrepreneurs about becoming apart of the Daughters of Zion Community Navigator Pilot Program

A: “I would always tell other people you must connect with the right source in order to help set your business up for success. You always need a mentor, someone to guide and lead you in the right direction. Daughters of Zion has helped guide me in my quest to accomplish my business goals.”

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