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Topgolf swings into action, opens its door at new Memphis location


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Topgolf is teeing off in Memphis!

The entertainment venue opened Friday and offers a unique way to entertain Mid-South families.

Located off South Germantown Road, Topgolf’s Memphis location has 72 bays spread out through 2 floors. The venue is weatherized, so whether it’s raining or freezing cold, customers are protected.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland told FOX13 bringing Topgolf to the Bluff City has been several years in the making.

“When I first got elected and took office in 2016, we recruited Topgolf to come here and worked with them on three separate occasions over the last 7 years,” Mayor Strickland said.

C.J. Johnson, the director of operations for Topgolf Memphis, told FOX13 the entertainment venue is hoping to have an economic impact on Memphis as well.

“It’s important for us to be an addition to the community,” Johnson said. “The more we can help create more jobs and opportunities out there for the city of Memphis, the better.”

Outside of family fun, Topgolf is also bringing hundreds of jobs to the Mid-South. The entertainment venue has already hired more than 400 employees and Johnson told FOX13 the venue is still hiring.

“We’re definitely looking to hire more bartenders, bar backs. We have facilities roles as well,” said Johnson. “We have a full kitchen. We have an executive chef, a sous chef, so we’re always looking for cooks, more dishwashers, more bay hosts that we call servers as well.”

Johnson told FOX13 Topgolf leaders take safety and security seriously.

Johnson said there will be round-the-clock security to ensure everyone is safe.

“We will have security in the parking lot, you know, patrolling the parking lot,” Johnson said. “When you come inside the venue, we do have security inside the venue as well on both floors.”

While there are plenty of playing bays, Johnson told FOX13 to consider the size of your group if you’re looking for a tee time.

“Six can play, eight can stay. That’s kind of our motto,” Johnson said. “No more than eight and that’s kind of a security measure and safety measure as well.”

Topgolf leaders suggest booking multiple bays if you have a group larger than eight.

Johnson also suggest downloading the Topgolf app before teeing off.

The app allows customers to view available reservation times, see how long the wait time for a bay is, or book a reservation through their phone.

If you’re looking for a job at Topgolf, you can go to their website and search “Memphis” as a keyword to apply.

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