Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Twitter reacts to Will Grier’s breakout game after learning he’s fired


Have yourself a day, Will Grier. Less than 48 hours after learning he was essentially a dead-man walking, Grier came out and owned the football field. Faced with a pending release following the Cowboys acquiring 2021 first-round pick Trey Lance, Grier took the opportunity to audition for another team very seriously.

Grier had been lackluster in the team’s first two preseason games, playing well for stretches but making unforgivable mistakes down the stretch. Dallas took the opportunity to trade a fourth-round pick for a player they felt could be a top player in the league and that sealed the deal. Grier took that as motivation and came out dealing, leading Dallas to a 31-16 win in the exhibition finale.

Grier finished the night 29 for 35, throwing for 305 yards and two scores, averaging 8.7 yards a completion. He wasn’t down there, running for another 53 yards and two more scores. Dallas finished the game with 457 yards of offense. Of course, Twitter had a field day with Grier’s performance.

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