Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

No, Oprah isn’t selling or endorsing weight loss gummies

 Emery Winter

Scammers commonly promote products that have “miracle” cosmetic or health benefits using fake celebrity endorsements.


For months, ads on social media have claimed celebrity Oprah Winfrey is selling and/or endorsing a line of weight loss gummies. Some even include video of Oprah talking about weight loss gummies, while others use shocking news headlines as part of their ad.

That’s led several VERIFY readers to text us with questions asking if these products are real. One said they received a text from an “0prahsgiveaway” website about keto gummies allegedly sold by Oprah and WeightWatchers. Another sent a screenshot of an ad urging the reader to claim a free bottle of the gummies.


Is Oprah selling or endorsing weight loss gummies?

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