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Daughters Of Zion SBA CNPP Grantee Announces Diane Craig- Owner Of Natural Neutral, As The DOZ CNPP Entrepreneur Of The Week- March 5 – March 11, 2023

As part of our follow-up to the progress the Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP grantee is making within Memphis, Shelby County, and beyond- we are highlighting their weekly Entrepreneur of the Week Award. When asked why Diane Craig was chosen as entrepreneur of the week, Dr. Gerald Kiner, Ph.D. declared, “ Diane Craig is the perfect example of a start up, trying to get a billion dollar idea off the ground and utlizing te SBA’s CNPP technical assistance program via DOZ to do so. I am so impressed with Diane’s genius, humility, amd tenacity. Diane has had an idea for 40 years and not given up on it for one day. I am so honored that she has entrust Daughters of Zion to help her finally bring her dynamic dream to life. For never giving up on her vision, Diane is one of my heroes. She is am inspiration to us all.”


Q: And the name of your product is going to be called what?

A: Natural Neutral


Q: Tell us about it?

A: It’s an invention I am creating that holds women’s breasts up and makes them look like they don’t have a bra on. I see a lot of women, especially Caucasian womennwho can afford to do so, they spend $10,000 to get the operation to look up front like that. But my bra can do what a $10,000 risky operation can do for less than $40. Naturally, my bra can save all women a lot of money.


Q: So, you’re saying you created a bra that will save you from having the cosmetic surgery to have your breasts stand up right.

A: Yes.


Q: And your bra that costs $35 can do the same thing that  surgery that costs $10,000 can do.

A: Yes


Q: That’s genius.  

A: It is? Thank you.


Q: How did you come up with this?

A:  I’ve been thinking about this for years.


Q: Five years? Ten years? Thirty years?

A: I’m 58 so at least about 40 years.


Q: At least 40 years since you were 18 years old- wow. 


Q: How many women have you told about this?

A: Down through the years at least about maybe 100.


Q: And what has their response been?

A: Well, when I did tell them I was saying that, you know, if you can do this and do that to your bra maybe it will look better. Well, they normally when I tell them that they’ll go like, “Yeah, that will be good, that will be great!” And so, I keep asking a lot of people, what they think about my invention. 


Q: Okay. So, let me ask you this question. So, you’ve tested, you’ve interviewed…this is called research marketing what you’ve done.

A: Yes, sir.


Q: Without knowing what you’ve been doing, you’ve been surveying people and 100 people is a great test number. And all of them are excited, and none of them said they have a bra that does what you’re about to do- this is tremendous. What’s the name of your company?

A: Natural Neutral.


Q: And if women wanted to preorder it, you know, some companies they allow you to pre-order, or if they want to get on a list for you, how can they contact you?

A: They can call my business phone 901-659-2094.


Q: How has the  Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP assisted you?

A: They taught me a lot of things. They even connected me with Pinnacle Bank now I have my bank account set up with Pinnacle. Every time I talk to Ms. Natalie and anyone I talk to, they always gives me good advice about stuff.  


Q: What would you say to other entrepreneurs, other business owners who are not a part of this Daughters of Zion SBA CNPP Program?

A: Follow your dream. Something you had in your head for so long just take it out and just try it. It won’t hurt you.


Q: Give me one more thing that you want everybody reading this article to know about you.

A: I am a Christian and I truly love God.


Awesome. Congratulations Ms. Craig for being the Entrepreneur of the Week.


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