Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Germantown woman launches petition to keep her pet pigs

By Stephanie Douglas

Germantown, Tenn. (WMC) – A pair of potbelly pigs are causing problems in Germantown between two neighbors.

O’Malley Nobert said all of her four-legged fur-friends are like her kids, that also includes her two fully grown, 60-pound potbelly pigs.

“So this is Bonnie, and this is Zoey,” said Nobert as introduced her two pot belly pigs.

She said she rescued them five months ago after her first love of eight years Chloe passed away just last year.

Instagram cuties Bonnie and Zoey have been keeping her busy ever since.

“They enjoy being around each other, you know just having company and stuff,” said Nobert.

But not all of O’Malley’s neighbors share the same sentiment for her animals. The pigs have become a pet-peeve for a neighbor, who complained to code enforcement.

“My biggest complaint was the health problem and the sheer number of rodents that were trapping and the gentleman that owns the home was talking about the battle he’s had with the rats trying to get into his house,” said Tom Bodamer.

The letter from Code enforcement states O’Malley exceeds the number of dogs allowed on a residential property and her pet pigs are considered livestock in the zoning district.

The City of Germantown is giving her 30 days to have some of her dogs and the pigs removed.

“We’re gonna lose a part of our family? It just doesn’t seem fair,” said Nobert.

Online, the City of Germantown Code of Ordinances said only certain animals are allowed in single-family residential areas and pigs are not allowed. To fight that, O’Malley started an online petition.

“They got almost 900 signatures in less than 24 hours. I started it yesterday late afternoon and it seems like it’s doing pretty well,” said Nobert.

She said no matter how much her neighbor grunts or squeals over her pet pigs, she’s doing everything in her power to keep her four-legged friends in her family.

“We need to keep these pigs because they’re so important to us, said Nobert.

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