Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

SAYING GOODBYE GMA3’s Amy Robach and TJ Holmes will not return to show and are ‘working on exit strategy’ with execs and lawyers

By: Jessica Finn

GOOD Morning America’s Amy Robach and TJ Holmes will not be returning to the GMA3 show and are working out an “exit strategy,” sources have said. 

One network source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Amy and TJ are unofficially out at GMA3, and seven weeks after being taken off the air, their newly-appointed legal teams are hammering out a plan with ABC’s attorneys and top executives to make a big announcement.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s attorneys are working with ABC on their exit strategy. Credit: BackGrid
Sources say they are out at GMA3, and are likely out at the network, though nothing has been made official yet. Credit: Getty

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, the co-hosts’ alleged affair rocked the news program in late November.

The source claimed: “ABC’s legal team takes a really long time because it’s a really small, but absolutely trusted team of attorneys.

“They are definitely dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s for Amy and TJ’s exit strategy.”

While the network insider doesn’t know the specifics about what the coupled-up co-hosts future may or may not be at the network, “it’s clear they are not coming back to GMA3.”

An insider close to Amy and TJ added that while nothing has been made official yet: “They are unlikely to return to the network at all.”

The network insider added: “ABC is going to pay a lot of money to make everyone happy and go away very, very quietly.

“There will be iron-clad NDAs signed and everything in their exit contracts will make sure there are no nuclear explosions in the aftermath.

“This whole situation was handled very poorly, and ABC’s legal team has their work cut out for them to make sure everything is just right.

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